Our Workflow

Surely, if you have a project in mind for us, it would be best for you to have an idea of our work process.

1 : Consultation

During consultation stage, we make it a point to gather as much relevant information, identify and develop the ideal solution, so we can formulate the best possible smart solutions suited to the requirements provided.

2 : Design

Our engineers, system designers, and consultants prepare the system and network designs regardless of the magnitude of the project.

3 : Pre-staging

A comprehensive pre-staging process involves setting up of equipment (e.g. network infrastructure, power supply, and cabinets) necessary for hosting IT components and configuring the entire system.

4 : Integration & Testing

To provide support to families to overcome the diffuculties they face through the provision of specialized programs for family guidance.

5 : Logistics

Components are prepared for shipment through logistics support and strategic warehousing where all materials and equipment are labeled, recorded, and updated.

6 : Delivery

We commit to our promise of fast delivery by minimizing lead time.

7 :Installation & Configuration

Our skilled and trained engineers install and configure the systems on site to ensure the successful completion of the project based on client’s requirements.

8 : Warranty & Maintenance

We have a maintenance management team that handles product-related issues and resolve them with no additional cost for you, within a given warranty period. We also offer cost-effective maintenance contracts on the monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.