Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions

Today wireless solutions are a prime tool for increasing business productivity and reducing costs. Digital Icon strives to fulfill all of the equipment needs of the clients from the end user to the wireless operators and carriers.

We have engineers specialized in design, installation, configuration, integration, and support of point-to- point (PTP) and point-to-multipoint (PMP). Our Point-to- Point (PTP) and Point-to- Multipoint (PMP) solutions offer bandwidth, flexibility, ease of installation, intuitive operation, and cost effectiveness that make high-speed access possible.

We Provide

  • Point-to- Point (PTP) wireless communication.
  • Point-to- Multipoint (PMP) wireless communication.


  • Providing a reliable connectivity among multiple premises.
  • Fast transmission of large scale volumes of time-crucial data across a secure environment.
  • High speed connectivity.