Surveillance System Solutions

Surveillance System Solutions

Our surveillance systems solutions offer the monitoring of visual data to a set of monitors as a form of security in the workplace or building premises.

Our CCTV system is cost-effective and can help improve businesses’ overall operations. At the onset, we study the company’s security requirements and formulate an effective CCTV system to operate to its fullest capability, which reflects the examined needs and requirements. We’ll undertake a free site survey to find out vulnerable areas and type of systems to keep resources safe.

Whether you are looking for a small upgrade or a large networked installation across multiple sites, we can help you find the most appropriate system available for you.

We Provide

  • High definition resolution for analog and IP camera solutions.
  • Motion-activated light and sound deterrence.
  • Long range and night vision technology.
  • Infrared detection.
  • Audio surveillance (where legal).
  • Hidden video surveillance.
  • Single or multiple-subject surveillance.
  • Mobile and remote video monitoring and control.
  • Access control system integration.


  • Increased productivity as a result of the presence of security cameras in the office.
  • Protection for employees and assets.
  • Systems configuration and training.
  • Maintenance and repairs.