Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Digital Icon is fully aware of the importance of establishing a network for all IT aspects in businesses, which ensures greater productivity and more efficient work environment. We are always here to do as much as we can to provide integrated network solutions that include design, implementation, and managing the networks as well as upgrade the network by a team of technicians and engineers that handle a range of requirements defined by our clients.


We help our clients by offering developed services in the field of network consultancy and enabling them to adopt the best solutions and the most appropriate to their needs while considering their budget.

We Provide

  • Network planning, designing, implementation, testing, and optimization.
  • Wireless network solutions.
  • Site to site VPN and remote access VPN.
  • Network security solutions.
  • Termination and cabling.


  • Minimizing issues, such as unnecessary packet retransmission, latency, and data corruption.
  • Vulnerability assessments for businesses to create a customized network security solution.